An Olympic weight set is best when you’re serious about weight lifting at home. This gym set lets you train with consumer-friendly, heavy-duty plates and bars. That’s why it is a good idea to look into the best Olympic bars and Olympic weight plates found in the market.

The Rubber Grip Oly Set by the brand Body Solid priced at $534.99 aimed the first place among all the Olympic weight sets tested from the market. This weight set is built best for its accuracy and reliability making it an easy and safe gym set one can use. It offers a quality rubber that protects you from the rough floor making your workout easier, and more comfortable than ever. This product truly deserves its spot.

Coming up next is the Fringe Sport Bar and Color Bumper Set, priced $441.00, this one has a Bomba Barbell that lets knurling all the way to the collars, and has a higher loadable area on its bar, and with a strength of 206,000 psi. It is also made of aerospace-grade self-lubricating bronze brushing that makes it the best Olympic weightlifting bar for sale. This X-Mark Lumberjack has Slimline CAP plates despite its price at $551.00. It is built with a solid, cast iron weight making it a durable find. Fourth place is One Fit Wonder 260 lb Plate Set ($439.00), with a thin bumper plate design and through a virgin rubber making it durable enough despite its malleability.

Troy USA Olympic Weight Set ($399.00) comes in 5 different colors, and milled edges. And offers a 7-foot long chrome Olympic bar with 300 pounds of iron casts. Giving you comfort, and durability all at once. Sixth place is from Gold’s Gym 300 lb Olympic Weight Set ($441.00), just like the X-Mark Lumberjack it also has a slimline, and flat cast iron plates. Made with an outer grip design that makes it convenient for every gym bud especially for the home gym buddies out there.

The Troy Olympic Weight Set ($399.00) ranked seventh, it is built with solid cast iron that was coated with a black satin finish that gives it a tough and elegant looking bars but it is also rust-resistant at the same time. Eighth place was taken by the USA Sports 300 lb Olympic Weight Set ($399.00), with its a 750-pound bar capacity that makes it very heavy-duty and solid. It also has a quality cast iron with a black paint finish, with a thick lip around its plate edges for convenience when it comes to transferring the equipment.

The XMark Olympic Weight Plates by Texas Star took the ninth spot despite it having no grip holes, its cast iron, and quality finish gave it a high-quality type of weight set, it also has an original design that is made of all-natural rubber that its color also stays in place. It is also durable and a good deal at only $184.00. The last spot was taken by the CAP Barbell 300-Pound Olympic Set, with its 300 pounds of weight capacity, 7-foot Olympic bar, and Spring clip collars make the product a good competitor to the other Olympic weight sets in the article. Its design, however, is just like the others, and a downside to this product is that items may easily rust despite its value at $335.79.

Best taken account while choosing these products are the following: its ease of use, durability, adjustability, weight, and materials used. Of which are also definitely things to consider before buying an Olympic weight set for that home gym you have established in order to get that perfectly toned body you have always desire.

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